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University College Lahore (UCL) offers a creative and dynamic learning environment, a diverse and dedicated faculty and a student body belonging to various parts of Pakistan. UCL has a purpose-built campus with lecture halls, seminar rooms, libraries, computer labs, student common rooms and cafeterias. The campus has ample ground area for outdoor sport activities, including soccer, cricket, volleyball, and badminton. 

Apart from providing rigorous academic training to its scholars, UCL also offers them an elaborate system of club activities including debate, drama, music, poetry recitation, chess etc. A range of events and functions are organized by these clubs throughout the year.

UCL has been teaching for the International Programmes since 1994. UCL is an Affiliate Centre for the University of London International Programmes. This is the highest level of recognition and means that in the considered view of the University of London it demonstrates a sustained commitment to developing excellence in respect of teaching, support to students, and administrative processes.

For 20 years, UCL has been preparing students for successful careers in academics, law practice, business, public service, teaching and more.

Matriculation and Welcome Dinner Class of 2017

Drama Night 2016.


Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2015


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